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There is a place hidden as a gem on a tiny Greek island.
A place of freedom and rejuvenation, of spiritual awakening
and unwinding, of inspiration and deep relaxation.

Conceived as a wellness and lifestyle resort to embrace Slow Living, The Rooster is designed with unpretentious aesthetic luxury in mind, paired with excellent service, while providing a holistic experience for a mindfulness escape. 

Nestled between the sandy, unspoilt beaches of the Aegean coastline and the dramatic landscape of the Cyclades, amidst open fields and the mystical caves of Antiparos island, The Rooster celebrates privacy in complete harmony with nature. Its ideal location suggests an unrivalled combination of splendour with respect to the environment and authenticity of Greek island life.

The Rooster is comprised of 17 independent houses, where one feels like a welcomed guest. An open space is available for interactive activities aiming to support the quest for inner peace in an area blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. Each house has its own character where guests can feel at home, with four different layouts to choose from, all including ample space, private gardens, outdoor showers and a breath-taking view of the sea and the surrounding landscape. Understated and unpretentious luxury, privacy, simplicity and comfort are leading values of the design philosophy.

The Rooster was inspired by the shared passion of artisans of hospitality innovation. We are a thriving tribe who, while remaining environmentally conscious, invariably aim to provide an unprecedented experience where self-discovery is a way of life. Our unique vision is motivated by nature’s magnitude, mystery and enchanting raw beauty. Sustainability is at the heart of The Rooster’s ethos, from sourcing organic materials to working in harmony with our local community.

Exclusive to guests who appreciate genuine beauty and value authenticity, it stands secluded in order to accommodate those who seek to find peace in nature, who have travelled to faraway destinations, embraced life and danced till dawn.

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